Top 5 Best Gun Cleaning Mats Reviews In 2020

Best Gun Cleaning Mat

Having a good gun cleaning mat is important. It’s not only secure your work surface but also your gun. It’s not exactly suggested, but if you plan on doing the cleaning on the home or any other work surface, you’re going to have to make sure you secure its surface from leaks of the tough chemicals and solvents.

No issue how cautious you’re planning on being when you take out your gun cleaning kit and make a start, it’s unavoidable that there will be some splashes and leaks. That’s where a gun cleaning mat will confirm extremely essential. Here we have reviewed top 5 best gun cleaning mat available on the market.

1. Real Avid Handgun Smart Mat:


This is a best handgun cleaning mat that is used for the organized gun cleaning.

With this, you will be able to clean and maintain pistols of all kinds quite easily.

There is also a parts tray connected to the cleaning mat that also has a small magnetized section that is used for small pins, springs and also other parts. It also helps in protecting the work surfaces.

Often there is oil, solvents and other liquids spilled in this mat. This is quite lightly padded and this will not soak through or bid up. This also helps in a very quick and easy clean up.

There are also non-slip backing grips and this prevents the map from slipping. If you are buying this mat, make sure that you buy the 16-19 inches gun that is definitely the ideal size for all the different kinds of pistols.

This mat rolls up when you do not need it and can be rolled out flat when you are not using it.

2. Grizzly Mat Gun Cleaning Mat:


This is a thick mat that is custom designed.

It is 6mm thick and this thickness is definitely more than any other gun cleaning mat that is available in the market.

This mat definitely provides the gun proper protection. It shields the gun and also cleans the surfaces from all kinds of scratches.

It also keeps away the oil and the chemicals. This is also perfect for the assembly reference with the AR-15 parts that is enlarged on a particular platform.

3. GUN CLEANING MAT by Sage and Braker:


This is a gun cleaning mat that is made up of very high-quality materials. This is made up of 12 oz waxed canvas, thick leather as well as heavy wool.

This mat was built in order to pass it down to the various generations. This is also an overstuffed and an oversized mat and when the mat is rolled out then it measures as much as 69 inches in length.

Its width is 16 inches and the thickness is half inches. You can use them even on the largest platform and this is quite a thick mat and can protect you from all types of surfaces. It also helps in holding all the cleaning products. It is built in a way so as to hold on to all the cleaning gear. There are four pouches present that will help in holding all the cleaning products.

There are a total of four pouches that will hold your picks, brushes and also the CLP.

There are two bore cleaning kits and also a place for your rags. Make sure that you buckle this with the leather straps and then throw it behind your truck. It protects the work surface as well as the gun.

It prevents the gun from all types of scratches on the tough work surfaces. It also protects surfaces from lubricants, oils cleaners etc. It looks awesome and is functional and is very much durable.

4. AR 15 Gun Cleaning Mat:


This is made up of a 3mm thick neoprene and is then finished with a type of coating that is resistant to oil. This is an iron clad AR-15 gun cleaning mat that is absolutely perfect for protecting the surfaces. It helps in protecting the surfaces from all kinds of scratches.

If you want you can either convert the living room or the kitchen into a perfect gun cleaning station that is absolutely there without any mess. The design that this has is also extra-large and measures 38”x14”.

This AR 15 cleaning mat provides you with ample room to first disassemble the rifle and then clean a number of pistols together. This mat also has a non-slippery surface. Even the bottom is non-slippery and this is done in order to keep the components in the proper place.

This, therefore, prevents the sliding around of the mat. This is of a high quality comes along with the dissembling instructions, a AR 15 history, a rifle illustration and a AR 15 parts diagram.

This mat can also be rolled up and so you can actually store it anywhere you want. It also provides you with a lifetime warranty. So in case, there is some problem with this gun mat then you would be able to repair it without paying anything.

5. Useful Thingy Gun Cleaning Mat:


This gun mat looks great on the encounter, bench, and table. There are certain cleaning, repairs, and maintenance required for gun cleaning mat.

This mat is made up of a premium quality material that is sturdy, strong, thick, durable and also high build quality.

You are able to protect the weapon from scratches or damage caused to it. There are also certain pads that keep the lubrication as well as the cleaner solvent off your table.

6. Tekmat AR- 15 cleaning mat

TekMat AR-15 Cleaning Mat

This is one of the best mats in the gun cleaning industry and it has an excellent graphic design. The top of this particular model is made up of polyester and this ensures that the pistol does not get scratched in any way.

There is also a neoprene rubber backing present on the mat that helps in keeping everything in place and also prevents the work surface from sliding. This mat will also prevent all kinds of chemicals, dirt, oil from penetrating the area where you clean and work on the firearms. In order to clean it you simply need to put it in a wash, then put it on a gentle cycle and then dry it. It will look like new.

Whatever gun cleaning mat you buy, it is important for it to be practical. Make sure that you do not buy something that is extremely high priced simply to show off other people. If at all you are buying an expensive product then it is important for you to ensure that particular product has a lot of additional features. It should also be more durable than the other products. Only then they will be very good value for the money that you have spent.

Again, if you are buying budget-friendly products then it is important for you to ensure that they have the features that you need. If you do not buy such a product then the entire money would get wasted.

You can buy these cleaning mats online. If you do so then you will be able to sit in the comfort of your room and then order the products online. But one thing that you have to make sure is that you buy products that are original and are of a high quality. If do not then you will be wasting your money and will not be able to get the things that you need.

There are different types of products available in the market. It is very important that you properly check the features before buying any product. First, try to find out the features that you would require. If you are convinced that you need the particular product then buy it from one of the best online stores. Do not delay. Get the best product at an affordable rate from a reputed online store.

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